Screen can be rotated 360 инструкция

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Ugly zombie is walking. If touch and hold anywhere on the screen, walking zombie will jump Rotate By Ketchapp Free Experience a new world of rotation. The rule is simple: Tap and jump on the colorful discs , surviving as long as you can while collecting little dots.

You also need to avoid dangerous hazards like Move the rotating cube to avoid being hit by the pipes. Download this fun and free game now Controls: Move the rotating cube in between If the same color tiles rotate into one line or one column,then they will explode,and you will get points and time reward. At a concert, perhaps? Rotate the tiles to reveal the beautiful pictures. Single tap to rotate clockwise. Double tap to rotate anticlockwise. Gain one or more stars in classic mode to unlock 2 other modes.

Free Get a fantastic view of a colorful fireworks display from the palm of your hands. Freely rotate the 3D environment using your finger to get a great view of the display from the sky. Rotate Screen By Fei Zhai 4. Works great on Single and Dual Monitors. Custodio Free A popular game consisting in placing pieces on a board so that the digits of one piece match with the digits of adjacent pieces. A perfect game for training your logic skills.

Rotate your phone to view the Ford display map. See what vehicles and experiences are at the show and where you can find Rotate cubes in a grid to create an image. Each PixiCube has 6-sides which gives you 36 different puzzles.

Rotate them to display the correct Your iPad screen becomes Two screens. Flick your photo to float and turn back from the edge Mine shuts off every five minutes? Did the night vision light on the dash cam should see the light on or off? Hey they have these now at dg store for ten bux, but there is no tech number to call for set up help can u tell me how u choose a option from scrolling up and down, what button do u use to choose?

Spent five hours trying to fool with this car cam, kind of a big rip off they wont even give u a phone number to call and i cant find anything on the vibe company sure its out of china. I bought mine for. It s nothing special, just something to play around with or use as a black box recorder. This camera is absolute crap. Do not waist your money. I sent mine back for a refund. First one i bought never charged up at all never turned on.

Second one i bought, the cheap plastic cover and swivel ball would come right off. The third one i tried, the bottom of screen was blank. Would not stay running for more than seconds. And the battery was really hot. So no, this is a terrible product, that left plugged in could catch fire.

Buttons and menu were very confusing. Thanks for the video. You can buy that camera for around. On ebay direct from china. What s that line on the top of the screen? I purchased one and it was the biggest peace of bull sh. Do not buy this. Can anyone help on this dash cam the menu is in japanese or some other chinese language. Can anyone direct me with a link or instructions on how to change to english language.

Thanks for any help!