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See the Programming section of this manual for information on how to program input source selection. Diese vier Schritte werden zur Programmierung der Befehlsfunktionen genutzt. I quattro passi presentati sono utilizzati per programmare le funzioni di comando. Vedi la sezione Programmazione di questo manuale per informazioni sulla programmazione della selezione della sorgente in ingresso. Deze vier stappen worden gebruikt om commandofuncties te programmeren.

The RR can replace up to nine infrared remote controls, operating audio or video components from Rotel or other manufacturers. To clean the RR, use a soft, lint-free damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning solvents. Disassembly will void the warranty.

Turn the RR over and lift the cover off the battery compartment by compressing the release tab and lifting up. Place the four AAA batteries inside follow the polarity illustrations on the bottom of the compartment and replace the cover. The RR replaces up to nine remote controls. Teaching the RR to operate your components takes just minutes and need only be done once. It sends the IR commands and must be pointed at the desired component. The eight character alphanumeric display also provides simple prompts when programming the RR These indicators and prompts are noted in the appropriate sections of this manual.

Light Button and Light Sensor. The RR provides automatic backlighting. In a dim room, you can manually turn on the lighting by pressing the LIGHT button on the side of the remote.

The lights stay on for 6 seconds and for an additional 6 seconds each time another button is pressed. In a bright room, the backlighting function is disabled to save battery power. A sliding cover conceals the buttons at the bottom of the RR These buttons provide extra command functions used in programming and configuring the unit.

Leave the sliding cover in the UP position to simplify the RR for general use. Slide the cover DOWN to access the additional buttons. How long the button is pressed determines whether a device is selected or an input source is selected. Then if you give the CD button a long press - more than one second - the CD input for the Surround Sound processor is selected and the CD player becomes the selected device.

All other buttons are unprogrammed and can be used to learn the control codes of other remote controls. The control codes of the AUD and V1 buttons can be reprogrammed for other control codes. The original control codes for these buttons can be restored. See the Preload Function section of this manual. After the EXT button is pressed the V1 device is selected for operation. The Macro button is also in this group.

At the top left of this group are twelve numeric keypad buttons that are used to make direct track selections on a CD or DVD player or direct channel selections on a TV, cable decoder, satellite receiver, etc. The five round buttons are used for extra functions, such as Last Channel, Viewing Guide, etc. At the bottom left are five rectangular buttons that duplicate the basic transport control functions Play, Fast Forward, Pause, etc.

LEARNindikatorn blinkar nu i displayen. Under the sliding cover is a group of oval buttons which provide secondary command functions. The first command is sent when the button is pressed once, the second command is sent the next time the button is pressed, and the third command is sent the third time the button is pressed. Four recessed buttons behind the sliding cover are used in configuring the unit. These buttons are recessed to prevent pressing them accidentally.

Use the tip of a ballpoint pen to press them. This section of the manual explains the basic operation of the RR and most of its standard features. Instead of putting down one remote and picking up another, you simply press a button on the RR to convert it from the remote control for your CD player to the remote control for your TV set.

The label for your selection appears in the display. That input source device becomes the selected device. The display shows the label for the input source selected. The default labels that appear in the display match the button labels. Their function depends on the type of component selected. Twenty of the buttons on the RR the nine device buttons, the EXT button and the number buttons 0 - 9 can store multiple command macro sequences.

For example, a sequence that turns on the TV set, selects channel 5, turns on the surround processor, and selects the TV input. A macro sequence is sent by pressing the MACRO button followed by the button where the macro is stored. See the Macro Programming section for more information.

In a dark room, the RR automatically activates its backlighting feature for 6 seconds when a button is pressed. This button is disabled in a bright room. The RR can be configured to beep whenever a button is pressed. When this feature is activated, the indicator appears in the display.

Alla knappar kan omprogrammeras med nya IR-signaler. The indicator appears in the display when the batteries are weak and need to be replaced:. Any button in any device set can be reprogrammed with new IR signals. Additional programming options such as special macro programming, clearing memorized commands, cloning commands from one RR to another and resetting the RR are described later in this section. To teach the RR the commands from one of your other remote controls, place the two remote controls end to end as shown in the illustration at the front of this manual.

There are two different sets of steps used when programming the RR The name of that device appears in the display. Adjust the position of the two remote controls and try again. During operation, the first command is sent when the button is pressed once, the second command is sent the next time the button is pressed, and the third command is sent the third time the button is pressed.

CD-spelare, DVD-spelare eller en video. Press the SCAN button a second time. To learn a third command, press the SCAN button a third time. To change the programming of any command for a multistep button, it is necessary to start over beginning with the first command.

Twenty of the buttons on the RR the nine device buttons, the EXT button and the number buttons 0 - 9 can store multiple command macro sequences — for example, a sequence that turns on the TV set, selects channel 5, turns on the surround processor, and selects the TV input. To program a macro sequence, first make sure that all of the desired commands have already been learned by the RR — the macro feature simply records a sequence of individual RR button commands.

Press the desired individual commands until the entire sequence has been performed. Each button press is confirmed in the display followed by a prompt for the next step. To select an input for the device press and hold the button for more than one second. To enter a time delay following a command, hold the button for the desired length of the time delay.

The last device selected in the macro sequence remains the device the RR is set to operate. If you want a different device to be active after using the macro command, select that device as the last step in the macro.

The factory programmed codes for Rotel receivers and surround sound processors and Rotel DVD players are restored. Be sure this is what you want to do! The learned commands for the other buttons are not erased. To transfer the programming, place two RR remote controls with their IR windows facing each other, then proceed as follows. Se mer om detta i avsnittet om programmering. CD, TV eller video osv. Press the EDIT button.

It takes 10 minutes to send all of the data. At the completion of the data transfer, one of the following confirmation messages appears in the display of the receiving RR All learned commands will be retained. Whenever you press a button on the RR, its name appears in the display. Полная инструкция обслуживания Rotel, должна заключать несколько основных элементов. Часть из них менее важная, как например: Однако остальная часть, должна дать нам важную с точки зрения пользователя информацию.

Вступление и рекомендации, как пользоваться инструкцией Rotel RR - В начале каждой инструкции, необходимо найти указания, как пользоваться данным пособием. Здесь должна находится информация, касающаяся местонахождения содержания Rotel RR, FAQ и самых распространенных проблем - то есть мест, которые чаще всего ищут пользователи в каждой инструкции обслуживания 2.

Содержание - индекс всех советов, касающихся Rotel RR, которое найдем в данном документе 3. Советы по использованию основных функций устройства Rotel RR - которые должны облегчить нам первые шаги во время использования Rotel RR 4. Troubleshooting - систематизированный ряд действия, который поможет нам диагностировать а в дальнейшем очередность решения важнейших проблем Rotel RR 5.

FAQ - чаще всего задаваемые вопросы 6. Если с помощью найденной инструкции Вы не решили свою проблему с Rotel RR, задайте вопрос, заполнив следующий формуляр. Если у какого то из пользователей была похожая проблема с Rotel RR со всей вероятностью он захочет поделиться методом ее решения.

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