Motorola gp380 инструкция

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Обсуждения и отзывы технических специалистов и покупателей о Motorola GP отзывов 0 шт. On completion of a successful self test the radio will display: Channel This may be a number or an alias and will be the Selecting a Radio Channel Once in channel mode, there are three ways to select a channel: Your radio offers up to channels, however some may not be programmed. Check with your dealer for Method 1 more information. Turn the rotary knob 1 clockwise or counterclock- wise until you reach the desired channel indicated Before selecting a channel ensure your radio is in on the display.

Switch to the desired radio channel. If, at any time, a call is received you will hear Sending a Call the call at the volume level you have set. Press the PTT button or Call button. When the radio is in the IDLE state or during a call, the contact list may be used to give access to up to Method 1 preprogrammed numbers accessed via the Turn the rotary knob 1 clockwise or counterclock Once the desired address is displayed, there are Keypad Edit two methods to select the address: If the radio is displaying a Contact List number, a Method 1 Keypad Dialled number or a Status number, the last digit may be deleted by: Missed Calls Up to ten calls can be stored.

You can call back to any number in the Missed Call list by: Display shows Reception until If the displays shows S there is a status message desired number is associated with the call.

PTT button or to make the call. On a successful call set- up, the entry is On deletion of the last message in the Missed automatically deleted from the stack together Calls list, the radio will exit the menu and return with any associated status message.

Unanswered calls may be deleted from the To exit the Missed Call List: Missed Call list at any time by The prearranged messages choose the desired status: Once the desired status is displayed, there are two Receiving a Status Call methods to select the status: Your radio receives a Status Call when: Method 1 Individual Call alert c to confirm your selection.

On Break for 2 seconds Stat: To initiate a DTMF call with Manually To end the call press the Monitor Button or Dialled Telephone Interconnect Call change channel when the clear down call is sent automatically from your radio to shutdown Enter the interconnect call from the keypad, the phone line.

Once the radio has connected to the called number, you can begin the conversation. Even though this is a phone call, your conversation mimics a radio call, that means that both parties speak in turn, i.

To initiate a DTMF call in permanent live To end the call press the Monitor Button or dial change channel when the clear down call is sent automatically from your radio to shutdown Enter the interconnect call from the keypad, the phone line. Voice Recorder 10 Record the call or part of the call. To record a memo: Storage Full to enter Menu Mode. Voice Storage time to stop recording.

To playback a recorded call or memo: To delete a recorded call or memo: Playback message as described in above procedure.

This message may the Voice Storage Recording alert sounds contain, for example, your location or status momentarily. The scan start alert tone will sound receive any call that is transmitted on any of and the display icon lit.

You can switch On or Off Call Forward by until: Utilities using a pre-programmed Call Forward button However, you can communicate with to enter Menu Mode. You can switch On or Off Whisper by using a until: Utilities pre-programmed Whisper button or via the Utilities or via the menu.

A higher level means you can reach a radio that is farther away. A lower power to enter Menu Mode. The overall effect is to reduce noise in the until: Utilities received signal, giving you crisper, clearer Your radio can be programmed to have the backlight permanently on, permanently off or a until: