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Causes for diesel engine early failure are as follows: Diesel engine fault cause determination is an extremely careful job. Blockage of fuel filter and dirt, replace the filter element if necessary. Expel the air and check airtightness of joints, check 2. Incorrect valve or injection timing Check and adjust it. Governor high-speed regulating Check the speed control characteristic and adjust. High engine oil level in oil sump out.

Blockage of intake pipe or high exhaust Clean it up. Inferior fuel Clean and replace. Adjust valve clearance and fuel supply advance 3. Incorrect valve or injection timing angle according related requirements. Turbocharger sealing failure Repair or replace the turbocharger. Oil-gas separator failure Replace.

Check oil dipstick and drain redundant engine oil 3. Large filtering resistance of engine oil Replace filter element. Blockage of engine oil cooler Check and clean. Blockage of main oil gallery Check and clean. Large bearing shell clearance, Check and replace.

Severe wear of parts, overhaul needs to Check working hour of engine, overhaul the engine. Crankshaft and the follower main shaft Check the installing support, repair. The applied engine oil quality fails to Choose specified engine oil brand. Undercharged battery Check, recharge or replace the battery. Bearing sleeve wear Replace the assembly. Bad contact of electric brush Clean the brush or replace it.

Wipe out oil dirt and polish it with abrasive paper or 4. Rotor coil or stator coil is about to in Repair or replace. Bad contact of electric brush Repair. Loose terminals, bad contact Repair. Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine Safety information described in this manual cannot cover all safety precautions, if the procedures or actions that are not recommended in this manual are used, you must ensure the safety of the operator and machine.

Any violation of instructions in this manual may result in serious accident, even death. Weichai Power cannot foresee all potential dangers. Similarly, the rules and instructions in this manual cannot cover everything. Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine 6 Disconnect EVB oil pipe and pipe joint; 7 Disconnect injector wiring harness, remove injector oil return pipe and high pressure fuel pipe, refer to disassembly of fuel system for details; 8 Remove the injector, refer to disassembly of fuel system for details; Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine Check whether there is manufacturing defect, usage defect or damage on cylinder cover shield gaskets and cylinder cover before assembling.

Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine Inspection and Maintenance of Water Pipe 1 Check whether there is water leakage trace on the pipe before disassembling; check the pipe for damage like crack and corrosion, a cracked pipe should be replaced, for corrosion that may affect reliability of the pipe, the cause should be analyzed and corroded pipe should be replaced.

Do not mix up the rubber hoses and hoses joints refer to Fig. Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine Steps to Assemble Hanger Plates Firstly distinguish the front hanger plate and rear hanger plate, front hanger plate should be installed on front end of engine fan end , and rear hanger plate should be installed on rear end of engine flywheel end , fasten the plates with M12 hexagon bolts as shown in Fig. Besides, for engine with EVB oil pipe, the pipe need to be remove too.

Disassembling of other parts is as follows: If valve recession exceeds allowed range, check wear condition of valve and valve seat, replace the valve with a new one to determine wear condition of valve seat by measuring the valve recession again, if the valve recession still exceeds allowed range, the cylinder cover must be replaced to ensure reliability of diesel engine.

Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine 7 Check the disassembled cylinder cover gaskets for visible damage and analyze the cause, cylinder cover gaskets are disposable, and should be replaced once removed.

Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine 2 Rub-up cylinder sleeve inner wall and apply clean engine oil on the wall; Clean up upper surface of cylinder block, and place cylinder gaskets correctly by aligning the holes; 3 Check and make sure the holes on cylinder cover gasket are correctly aligned to holes on cylinder block. Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine 2 Check and make sure cylinder cover air passage and water passage are free of foreign matter; Check and make sure the cylinder is free of foreign matter, cylinder cover gasket and cylinder cover undersurface are clean; Apply clean lubricating oil on crankcase bearing surface and thread of main bearing bolts, and then tighten them according to following order: Tighten cylinder cover auxiliary bolts according to the following order, cylinder cover auxiliary bolts are allowed to use twice at most.

Service Manual for WD10 Diesel Engine Steps to Disassemble Engine Block Module 1 Remove cylindrical pins with internal thread ; 2 Remove camshaft sleeve key pint 1 ; 3 Remove main bearing bolts and crankcase fastening bolts refer to ; 4 Remove crankcase key point 2 ; Tighten gear housing fastening bolts according to the following order crosswise.

Check whether seal ring is damaged, replace it if so. When assembling, seal ring should be applied with oil and fully pressed into seal groove, protect the ring in this process.

Apply sealant on fitting surfaces of flywheel housing and engine block, pay attention not to crash flywheel housing during lifting. Removed oil seals should not be reused.